The Terminal Building

We've Been Asking What to do with the Terminals for Almost 20 Years.


Many are familiar with the question of what could be done with the terminals – it was posed, in more optimistic terms, back in 1999 by Abacus and RJ Burnside when they ran a public solicitation about the terminals for two weeks in both the Collingwood Connection and the Enterprise Bulletin. Their final report to the town presented over twenty three potential uses for the terminal buildings ranging from the most grand –a gondola ride to an art gallery to a scenic outlook. At the time of their report 96.8 percent of respondents were opposed to demolishing the terminals. 

We can't lose yet another historical icon to "demolition by neglect."

There are several wireless antennas at the top of the terminals. As a wireless implementation engineer I authored a white paper on the subject of how a municipality could maximize its revenue from this very source. It would be among my first order of business as well as my pleasure, to review our current leases to ensure our town is receiving fair market value. If we are not (and few municipalities are) this could be a good start towards additional revenue to fund repairs. 

I do not foresee a single revenue solution to save the terminals. There is potential in optimizing the leases from the antennas, using some of the proceeds from the sale of the airport and considering public/private partnership to bring in the balance.

We are a creative community, proud of our heritage and ready to bring our waterfront to its full potential. If elected I would work diligently from day one to look at every potential source of revenue to ensure the terminals remain.